I am running as our founding fathers intended – as a citizen servant.

I am a firm believer that governments role in peoples lives should be minimal, ensuring the health, safety, and wellbeing of the citizenry is paramount. Responsible use of resources and treasure is critical to deliver the maximum return on our taxes.

Our community here in Fernandina Beach is unique and undoubtedly very special to each of us. From Old Town to the newest subdivision, South Fletcher to Centre Street, From Ft. Clinch to the Marina. My family and I want to share in it all while living in a welcoming and safe neighborhood.

All of these motivations and desires are important and should be taken into account when our leaders make decisions that affect us all.

My overall platform is based simply on common sense. No problem is unsolvable. It is the duty of elected leaders to find the best solution with most positive effects while mitigating the negatives. It is essential that we think about the future while we make decisions today that will impact our community years down the road, not just next week.

I believe that its time for new ideas and new energy in our city government. If given the opportunity to serve as your commissioner I will be an advocate for common sense policies I will work hard to ensure that our city leaders remember they serve you.

It is this perspective that I want to bring to the Fernandina Beach City Commission.





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