This page will allow you to complete the steps necessary for me to conduct a FFL transfer for you.


  • FFL transfer: $
  • FFL transfer requiring drop off at post office (rifle/shotgun): $
  • FFL transfer requiring drop off at UPS (handgun): $

"Website Transfer"

These are the steps required to complete a FFL transfer from a website to me on a firearm you wish to purchase to complete the background check and release the firearm once I approval but also once the required waiting period is completed by law required by the State of Florida.

Step 1: find the website you wish to purchase from.

Examples are Buds Gun Shop, Palmetto State Armory, Classic Firearms, etc. if you're looking for great prices on firearms. You may also find auction sites like Gun Broker. I might not be the cheapest price or have an item in stock but I can complete a FFL transfer for you with how great the Internet is.

FFL transfers are required for handguns/pistols, shotguns, and rifles. I am a licensed FFL and cannot offer any advice or suggestions about circumventing or completing the transfer in somebody else's name for whatever reason regardless of who they are once you submit the order to the website. I have to complete a background check on the person who made and wishes to receive the order. 

There is no requirement for a FFL transfer for ammunition or accessories in the State of Florida. The rule of thumb is if the firearm has a serial number on it, it needs a FFL transfer. A serialized receiver/lower (stripped or complete), pistol frame requires a FFL transfer also.

Step 2: complete the purchase from the website to the point where they ask for FFL information. For shipping, you will need to ship your item to this address. Please put in the 2nd line address "C/O your name" such as "C/O John Smith" which helps me.

Step 3: search for my FFL information which is:

Step 4: if my FFL information is not on file with the website, contact me and I will submit it. The website should allow you to complete the purchase and wait for me to submit my FFL information with your order number that you provide to the contact information provided. Please provide everything the website or company has explained which helps to complete this as smoothly as possible.

You can also forward the email you received after your purchase explaining the steps necessary for me to submit FFL information.

Step 5: I will let you know once I submitted the FFL information to the company requesting it. Once you receive the shipping information, please forward the tracking number to me so I can keep a watch for it. Once I receive your shipment, I will contact you about completing the necessary Form 4473 background check required by the ATF which is needed to complete the transaction to release the firearm to you only when it is completed. You will need to wait the necessary amount of days for the State of Florida's waiting period.

"FFL to FFL transfer"

Step 1: have the FFL who is supposed to receive this transfer send me their FFL information. A FFL might also provide this information to their customers to submit to anybody who needs it. Also please provide that FFL's email address for me to send the FFL information to.

Step 2: I will email my FFL information over to the FFL who will receive this transfer once the transfer fee of $   is paid.

If you do not believe you will pass a Form 4473 background check, please do not pay for a transfer because there are no refunds on a declined transfer.

Step 3: I can ship a rifle or shotgun through the post office. The shipping fee, including packaging, is $  .

A handgun is required overnight shipping through UPS and the shipping fee, including packaging, is $ .

If you wish, you can call the UPS Store in Yulee and explain to a manager that you are paying to have a handgun FFL transfer completed so can you come in and have your unloaded handgun packaged to ship because you're dropping it off to a FFL to have them ship it via UPS. There should be no additional fee for this done at the UPS Store.

Step 4: Bring the firearm to me in person and we will complete the transfer.

This type of transfer is required if you sold a firearm on a third party website or wished to transfer it to a third party out of the State of Florida.